Helping you become the best version of yourself in mind, body and soul.

Welcome to Holistic Renewal!

Complementary and alternative therapies to help alleviate physical and mental health issues.

I’m here to support adults and children aged 7 upwards in making the positive changes necessary for a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

Tailored to each client, my holistic approach integrates Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) to renew and improve your thoughts, patterns and beliefs about yourself and help you make positive and lasting changes for the future.

These methods are effective in managing stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, and various other areas. Throughout the session, you will encounter a calming atmosphere where a gentle hypnotic state is induced, allowing you to remain fully aware of your surroundings and in control. 

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Here are some of the issues I specialise in

Anxiety & Stress

Confidence &
Self-Esteem Issues

Fears & Phobias

Children & Young People

“When mind, body and spirit are in harmony, happiness is the natural result.”

Deepak Chopra

Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety and stress are natural reactions to adverse events or circumstances where we feel apprehension or fear, and this can affect us both mentally and physically. Often, these are displayed in our emotions and behaviour and affect our whole being. Hypnotherapy, combined with NLP and/or EFT, is an effective method for helping people realise that their symptoms can be relieved and that they can learn how to manage them.

Confidence & Self-Esteem Issues

Our confidence can be impacted by our self-beliefs which are stored within our subconscious mind and reacted to unconsciously (and which are also impacted by our self-esteem). A common assumption is that self-esteem and self-confidence are the same thing. However, although they are related, they are not the same. On the surface, a person can be outwardly confident, but within, they can struggle to find a sense of worth in the world (and vice versa). With low confidence or self-esteem, we struggle to find the strength to do what it is that we want, such as be able to go to an event with lots of people, drive a car, undertake public speaking, sit exams, and many other things unique to each of us.

Using a combination of techniques to discover the root causes of such issues, we will work towards renewing and improving your thoughts and feelings to manage negative thinking and boost your confidence and self-esteem for lasting positive change.

Fears & Phobias

Fear is a natural response caused by perceived danger, while a phobia is an irrational fear of something that stems from our subconscious mind (an acute fear). Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT can all assist in reducing your fear of something, but phobias may require some uncovering techniques to establish the event when it started. This insight will provide clarity and help identify ways in which the phobia can be managed.​ Don’t let fears or phobias hold you back!

Children & Young People

Children and young people (and their parents/guardians) often need a little support to manage the challenges that come with growing up in an ever-changing world, particularly (as sometimes is the case) when more traditional therapies have not been successful.

Children have an easier time learning hypnosis compared to adults because, as they grow naturally, they engage in activities like imagining, daydreaming, fantasising, and pretending throughout the day. Children are often captivated by TV, stories, and computer games, as you might have already observed.

I can support children and young people with a range of issues, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Confidence and self-esteem issues
  • Fears and phobias
  • Exam nerves
  • Anger management
  • Bad habits, such as thumb sucking, nail biting or hair pulling
  • Sleep issues such as bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis)

NB. I work with children aged 7 upwards.