Where does a thought go when it’s forgotten?

When I came across this question, first posed by Sigmund Freud a century ago, I had to stop for a minute and re-read it. It seemed like a very loaded question, one that defied a rational scientific explanation. But it also begged a response, however subjective. So, I gave it a try. 

Every form of human expression ― from feelings to thoughts to actions ― carries with it an energy, which can be positive or negative. The sixth principle laid out in The Kybalion ― that of cause and effect ― posits that every effect has its cause. This implies that every event, action, or form of behaviour is caused or initiated by something, and that nothing escapes this universal law of causation. Thoughts carry with them a particular vibrational energy that can have a profound effect on people ― both the initiator of those thoughts and the person(s) the thoughts concern or are intended for. 

But does the positive or negative energy associated with a particular thought simply disappear or ‘evaporate’ once that thought has been forgotten by its initiator? This is a question that inevitably provokes deep speculation.

Prayer can be seen as a form of thought, and most people would agree that praying can help us in a myriad of ways, from soothing anxiety and suppressing fear to bringing about feelings of security and wellbeing. Such feelings are due to the energy created by the thoughts within a prayer (alongside the occasional divine intervention, of course!). Similarly, when people consciously and consistently think bad thoughts about others, they can suffer adverse physical as well as mental effects. In some parts of the world, people believe that unexplained misfortunes are the result of certain individuals focusing evil thoughts on them, and they go to great lengths to block or ward off this ‘evil eye’ and the negative energy associated with those thoughts.

So, when a thought ― good, bad, or neutral ― is forgotten by the person who had that thought, what happens to the energy that was associated with it?  If thoughts had no ‘force’ attached to them, then surely, they would disappear into nothingness once they were not being actively thought, let alone forgotten. Most people around the world accept that thoughts do have a force ― in the form of energy ― that can have a real and lasting effect. Therefore, the real question is, does that energy continue to exist in time? 

One can also look at this question from a somewhat scientific perspective and view thoughts as carrying not just energy but actual information which can become inaccessible or difficult to retrieve when the thought is forgotten. The brain may still have traces or patterns of that thought, but they may not be consciously retrievable. However, according to the idea of the Akashic records, which many people in the world ascribe to, thoughts are always retrievable, even if their initiators have forgotten them or are physically not in this realm any more. The Akashic records are supposedly a compendium of all events, thoughts and emotions that have ever occurred in the universe, and these are never lost. If this is indeed the case, we can assume that the energy and information associated with thoughts that have been forgotten can be tapped into and utilised in some future time. It would certainly be comforting to know that the positive energy we created a long time ago when we had a good thought about something or someone can be tapped into later for our benefit, when we need it. But let’s go further. What if the health and wellbeing of humanity as a whole, not to mention the planet itself, depended on the overall balance between good and bad energy in the ether? What if we could all contribute to the betterment of the world by actively and diligently thinking positive thoughts and thus adding to the reservoir of positive energy out there?

A useful and effective practice for improving one’s life and wellbeing is that of Reiki. Positive thoughts help to create a positive mindset, which in turn allows individuals to attract more positive experiences into their lives. Reiki Universal Energy is a form of energy healing that channels the natural energy of the universe into the body, promoting relaxation and healing.

By focusing on positive thoughts and inviting positive energy into our lives through Reiki, we can create a more harmonious and fulfilling life experience. This powerful combination can help to boost mood, reduce stress and anxiety, enhance overall health and wellbeing, and even promote spiritual growth and awakening. With consistent practice and a willingness to open up to the transformative power of this tool, one can create a brighter, more vibrant life full of love, joy and abundance.In these troubled times we’re all living through, when there is so much negative energy around because of all the negative thoughts and emotions that are constantly being felt and expressed, let’s all imagine a scenario where everyone ― or at least the vast majority of people ― are thinking the exact same positive thoughts (e.g., loving and helping each other). Imagine how much positive energy there would be in the ether, and what beneficial change would be brought about as a result of that energy rippling across everything and eliminating fear, anxiety, depression and other negative feelings!

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