Vibrant yellow field of dandelions basking in the sunshine on a sunny summer day
The Significance of Dandelions!

Frequently, people inquire about the reason behind using dandelion images on my website. I wanted to shed some light on this decision as it symbolises

Multiracial group of young friends meeting outdoors in winter
The Influence of Banter on Young People 

I am currently observing a trend with my clients where many young individuals are struggling with issues such as low confidence, self-esteem, anxiety, friendship challenges,

Banner of adult cute woman portrait with closed eyes. Concept of feeling and emotions. Serene
Love You for You

Self-love has remained an alluring concept throughout history, captivating the minds of humans and casting a spell of wonder and intrigue. Yet, like the shifting tides

Traditional Christmas market
Christmas bliss and blues

With the Christmas season upon us ‒ and the wintery weather to match ‒ it is tempting to think that this is the one time

Group of diverse youth hands joined
Embracing Neurodiversity

A word which in recent years has become an umbrella term for a range of behavioural and mental disabilities is ‘neurodiversity’, with offshoots such as

Sadness woman thinking something in morning
Anxiety – An Ever-Present Companion

Since the beginning of the decade, the number of people suffering from anxiety in the UK has skyrocketed, reaching such proportions that it wouldn’t be

man suffering from insomnia
The Lurking Shadow of Insomnia

Amongst the many debilitating conditions that can be characterised as being essentially modern-day problems, insomnia is arguably one of the most prevalent. Current lifestyles, work